Cmena (Smena) 8M

cmena 8m

as an analog camera addict I have an advise for the ones who are willing to start using analog cameras or have already used but looking for a new spark.

a year ago, Lomo Cmena 8M was my third analog camera apart from my holga and dear daddy’s ancient Minolta. I could easily say that this 9dollars tiny machine has been giving immensly devastating results. Ive used nearly every commercial Lomography fetish objects but as far as I experienced, none of them got even closer to Cmena 8M. if youre about to,  forget about buying a new Lomo Colorsplash or Lomo Fisheye (to admit, sometimes I use them, Jasmine has these), do not spend 100-200dollars for a camera thats owned by everyone whilst you have a chance to own an exquisite creation for only 9dollars.


if you own one, try to take my advise and use DIA film for low saturated images, if its possible, use an external flash.

by the way, if you’re obsessed with light leaks there is one thing which could totally compensate the absence of any other Lomo cameras; youre going to find colorful transparent papers, stick them onto your external flash, then you’re gonna obtain the exact result you want.

here are some of my photos with Cmena, DIA film used.

russian lullaby

run juli run

I have yellow eye shadows



2 thoughts on “Cmena (Smena) 8M

  1. Hi – I like the photos. I recently purchased a Smena 8M and was wondering about the DIA film… Is it easy to get? I’ve been looking around but haven’t heard anything…

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks a lot. DIA films’ other name is Positive Film. Perhaps, you should search under this name. It is not hard to get but in terms of expenses it is more expesnsive to develop positive(DIA) films. Good luck.

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