The best, and the rest goes down.
Joy Division has presented the ultimate album cover ever.


4 thoughts on “Jdism

  1. It looks better without the type, as on the original vinyl version.
    Or as oven gloves.
    Or with some rave colours through it.
    (the last two may be jokes).

    It goes perfectly with the music.


    1. Nah, the typography goes with it, or because I’m fighting F-Keyboard right now, I’m attracted to any kind of written thing.

      (I wrote these sentences approximately in 10 minutes)
      God bless Q-Keyboard.

  2. to say that it would look better without the type is a profoundly ridiculous statement.

    i really like your blog.i think you’re awesome.i think you’re awesome.yes you said that.shut up,i’m talking to her.whatever i’m going out.fine get the fuck out,see if i care…
    …i better go after him,he can’t really handle his booze.see ya.you’re awesome.

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