Then She Strikes Back.

Yes it’s been a while that im not posting even one thing at all.

Just a little update about this time period that I was gone: I left where I live for Vienna, studied digital art and media for one term, lived there for 5-6 months, rented a flat, rented some new friends, rented some unknown people, and rented lots of cities. It was so complexed yet amazing, maybe I will talk about my experiences later.

I am looking at my last post which a identified myself as a flying rabbit, now its time to change my identical figure to an another animal ( OK, maybe the next time it can be something different than an animal ) . Here it comes, a staring fucking owl. As it can be understand from the silly metaphor, now im much more stable than being highly mobile, maybe even totally stable, no more farewells seem to happen in the close future so that I can be here – which is more than nothing – and will be posting some new stuff.

Anyway guys, hi again.

PS: I wish I had known the author of the photo, but I don’t, so thank you for the Unknown Photographer.


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