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Illustration Book by Asli Yilmazturk- The Fonderland

The Fonderland

He was extremely bored. Just bored of his life, bored of going repeatedly from somewhere to somewhere on people’s demand. Nothing was changing through time, his missions and destinations seemed like they are all the same. He used to call his life a triangle, he was going from A to B to C all the time. He was ready to find a different way for himself to follow but for him, the chance factor had not appeared yet.

One day he found himself alone in the empty room, just a chair and a table formed like a sperm. There were playing cards on the table, all mixed and upside down, as if they are calling him to chose one of them. The moment probably has come, ‘My life is going to change forever’ he thought. He didn’t know what kind of playing cards were them and what would he encounter when he flips the card. He put his hands on the table and took a strong breath. ‘This is going to be my destiny’ he murmured.

He closed his eyes, concentrated for the unknown. Then he decided to choose the card lying on the far right corner of the table. He had waited his entire life to have a chance to decide, maybe for this moment. He could not remember how he got in this room from where and when. There was something weird going on but he did not take this suspiciously. It seemed for him as everything is normal. He was so open to new things far far away from his triangle-like life. He took his last breath of excitement and flipped the card.

It was written F, just the letter F, no numbers no other thing. He  In a rush he started to flip the other cards, there were letters all the time, D, J, S and the rest of the alphabet. Then he recognized that 3 of the letters were missing: A, B and C.

What the FUCK?

There was a white rabbit waiting 7 step ahead of himself . ‘Have I become a bad replication of Fucking Alice?’ he asked.

‘Just shut up and Follow the Fucking white rabbit, and call me Mussolini’ the rabbit answered.

‘Oh then it’s the replication of Animal Farm!?’

‘No, you silly.’

Then they entered the Forest, his new world. ‘What is this place?’ he asked Mussolini.

‘It’s The Fonderland’

After a few seconds they came across a beautiful deer who has handcuffs on his legs. Hello F, my name is Hitler, if you help me i would like to introduce you to my friends. F said OK but Hitler was looking into his eyes as if he wants something. ‘You have to carry me all the way he said, I can not walk with the hand cuffs between my legs.’ After a big hesitation, he grabbed Hitler and surprisingly it was so easy. He was expecting Hitler would weigh dozens of kilos but he was too light, maybe 2-3 kilos. ‘How could you weigh this light?’ F asked to Hitler. ‘Nothing is like as it appears to you’ he replied back.

After 7 minutes they found a castle with so many beautiful Flowers around. ‘Could you please open the door.’ Hitler asked politely. Then they entered.

To be Continued.


Supervised by Onur Yazicigil

Patrick Wolf – Hard Times

One of the best songs I have listened to and one of the best video clips ( Ace Norton ) I have seen recently. If you haven’t heard of it, do not miss.

Then She Strikes Back.

Yes it’s been a while that im not posting even one thing at all.

Just a little update about this time period that I was gone: I left where I live for Vienna, studied digital art and media for one term, lived there for 5-6 months, rented a flat, rented some new friends, rented some unknown people, and rented lots of cities. It was so complexed yet amazing, maybe I will talk about my experiences later.

I am looking at my last post which a identified myself as a flying rabbit, now its time to change my identical figure to an another animal ( OK, maybe the next time it can be something different than an animal ) . Here it comes, a staring fucking owl. As it can be understand from the silly metaphor, now im much more stable than being highly mobile, maybe even totally stable, no more farewells seem to happen in the close future so that I can be here – which is more than nothing – and will be posting some new stuff.

Anyway guys, hi again.

PS: I wish I had known the author of the photo, but I don’t, so thank you for the Unknown Photographer.