Hei!: Deichmanske Library Identity


I really liked this. It just looks like the German manual of Something (I can’t remember what it is) that I’ve discovered in one of my drawers while I was packing up in Vienna to go back to Istanbul. I am still keeping that piece of hardcore German manual (It was a really good example of strict German Design), if I can find it in huge mess of my documents, I’ll post here.

And then a little explanation about this great work and the designer;

Mikael Floysand completed this project for the Deichmanske Library as a final exam while at Westerdals School of Communication. The project included identity, promotional and editorial design.

The library’s goal is to become one of the most modern and functional libraries in Europe by combining the old library tradition with new digital media advancements. It will also function as a cultural institution, housing concerts, a café/bar, lectures & debates. The identity focuses on the many sides of the institution by building a brand that constantly evolves rather than being static, just as the library itself is supposed to.

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