Ditte Isager: Danish Photographer from Copenhagen – NYC

While so many photographers are trying to imitate the concept of wonderland, there are few examples which are successful. Not so many words to say about the photo below, the rest are some of her work, for more visuals and information click bitte: Ditte Isager



Amongst Objects:


american mcgee’s Alice

My primal obsession, that’s why they call me Alice. And I killed the Red Queen.

“Only the foolish believe that suffering is just wages for being different.”



have you ever been to Bruges ?


everybody has the conceptualisation of wonderland on their minds, right?

i’ve encountered the real wonderland called Bruges / Brugge – whatever you say – in a country called Belgium.  we did not stay there for a long time, only two days ; in contrary, i was so “bewitched” by the city that I did everything that could be done in two days time.

here is the list of musts if you go there. sorry, ” must GO THERE.”

numero one: wander around for a while until you are lost. i was lost after 20 minutes, but it wont matter you’ll see it’s a really small city. (you should be alone and without a map.)

numero two: eat salmon sandwich! if you don’t like salmon forget about it, but if you’re the one who adores it, i could say that I can’t forget the taste. think, i’m even writing this to my blog.

numero three (prerequisite no:1) : when youre lost, you’re gonna encounter a lake and a small forest nearby. stop there and lay down for half an hour. lit a cigarette. (for non-smokers, watch around)

numero four: there is a greek buffet there, should try it.

numero five: stay in Charlie’s Rockets Hostel. meet that Russian guy who’s responsible from the entire hostel and its bar. he can’t speak in English but he knows Russian and Dutch. although we could not talk to him, he was one of the best characters ive seen during my entire interrail trip.

numero six: and get lost again in the middle of the night before you eat some chocolate.